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Industry Employers

Complex Training Academy has been operating as a Registered Training Organisation for over ten years and has developed extensive employer contacts.  Our experience means we do not deal with unscrupulous operators and we strive to deal with the industry leaders in the field.


Our employer contacts vary from cafes, restaurants, bars, festivals, coffee making specific eateries, accommodation hotels, night clubs and more.  From large multinational employers to local employers, we have every position covered.


The commercial cleaning industry has a high demand for dedicated employees for both night and day work.  Cleaning is a twenty-four hour industry that is looking for physically capable staff with good communication skills who are reliable and able to work with limited supervision.  You may find yourself working at a hospital, school, shopping centre or office environment.

The domestic cleaning industry is generally a daytime operation looking for friendly and trustworthy people to assist with the cleaning of domestic homes.  Tasks vary from general domestic cleaning through to washing and ironing of client's personal garments.


Complex Training Academy has individual MOU's established with industry leaders that offer opportunities in Control Room, Armed Guarding, Cash in Transit, Screening, Courts, Airports, Loss Prevention, Concierge, Guard House, Shopping Centre, Mobile Patrol, Static Guarding, Major Events and Crowd Control.  We deal with all sectors of the security industry.

Private Investigators:

This industry is unique and employers are hard to find, but a significant number use services.  Once you have completed the training component you will be seen as a highly valuable commodity by any employer.  With a huge demand in the industry you will have no trouble finding employment.  From missing persons, surveillance, TAC / Workcover Insurance claims, Fraud and Factual Investigation we will be able to assist you in the right direction to apply for the right job for you.

Training & Assessment:

The Training industry is always looking for qualified and experienced trainers -  all you have to do is look in the Saturday papers or online using employment web sites to see just how many jobs are out there in the industry. As Certificate IV Training & Assessment is the mandatory requirement for any trainer, complete the course the world is your oyster. 

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